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The homesites on the Home Place are large, with ground that allows a number of options. The three-year landscaping plan will allow the homeowner to create an attractive surrounding for the home.

North Meadow Plat IThere are some thoughts that might improve the pleasure and attractiveness of the landscaping. With the large lots, the homeowner might wish to consider only landscaping the area within 100 feet of the house, and around driveways, etc. This would allow irrigation and maintenance to be optimized. The rest of the homesite is now in Kentucky Fescue, and might be left in that grass in order to maintain some native grasses. Broadleaf weeds can be spot treated.

Trees planted in the homesite will need to be protected from deer and rabbit damage, and should be watered in dry periods. There are a number of deer in the area, which will be very attractive and fun to observe. However, certain landscaping plants may be more resistant to deer browsing. A friend that lives in a hollow that has many deer gave us this list---“varieties such as Iris, Ornamental grasses, Bee balm, Yarrow – achillea, Butterfly bush, Ivy, Boxwood, Shasta daisies, Rudbeckia, Coneflower, All mint family plants, Coleus, Adjuga, Agastache, Delphinium, Gloriosa daisy, Russian sage, Alliums, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Ox eye daisies, Iris, All ferns, All nettles, Helleborus, All coreopsis, Clematis, All euphorbia family, Foxglove, Tradescantia, Pulmonaris, Mums – most of the time. Lots of thing they tell you are deer proof are not – Geraniums, astible, seedums, etc. They LOVE phlox, roses, inpatients, hosta.” 

Please consult with your landscaping contractor on this matter.

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A number of the homesites will contain pond sites. If the homeowner chooses to have a pond built, there are a few items worth considering.Sub-Division Lake

  • The edge of the pond would be best protected from fertilizer and other runoff if a grass barrier is created. A width of 50 feet is suggested. The Kentucky Fescue that is now on the property is a good option, as are a number of warm season grasses.

  • The pond should have a “runoff ratio” of six to ten/one in order to allow adequate water to be accumulated.

  • The pond should be equipped with a dry hydrant, which is recommended by the Fire Protection District. They and the developer will share in the cost of installation, and can provide additional information on the hydrant.

  • A couple of truckloads of ag lime spread near the pond edge and on the dam will help the new water to settle and clear up.

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February 2010

North Meadow Plat 1The covenants and restrictions of Master Key Home Place Subdivision provide for a process to gain approval of residence plans, to obtain a building permit, to carry out an inspection process, and to issue a final compliance and occupation permit. This is to assist in getting a quality home built in accordance with the International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings and the subdivision restrictions.

To begin this process, the homesite owner must submit construction plans and samples of exterior materials of the residence to the Master Key Place Homeowners Association. The Architectural Committee will review and approve.. This will take about a week. When plans are approved, a written building permit will be issued by the building inspector, and he must be contacted to approve staking of the basement before work can begin.

North Meadow Plat IDuring construction, more inspections will be conducted using an inspection form provided to the builder. The inspector must be called at stages of construction called for in the inspection form. Notice of any areas of non-compliance will be issued to the builder, the homeowner and to The Architectural Committee.

When construction is complete, the homeowner must obtain an occupation permit from the inspector before the home can be occupied.

The cost of this process is $600.00, half of which is paid by Master Key Place I LLC, and half of which is paid by the first purchaser of the lot at time of closing.

Master Key Place I LLC has chosen Bill Ernst, Jr. as its designee for the permitting and inspection process.

To begin the process, please leave plans with an officer of the homeowners' association. We look forward to working with you on your new home!

--Bill Williams, Member, Master Key Place I LLC, Ph 573 590 1370

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Master Key Home Place Wastewater Treatment Collection Sewer Now on Missouri Dig Rite System

The Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system are the property of Master Key place Homeowners Association. The treatment plant is located in the Homeowners Park and is of a re-circulating media design. It is fed by a pressure collection sewer system which is buried in the utility easement located adjacent to the road at the front 20 feet of the homesite. As a part of our responsibility as homeowners, we need to reduce potential damage to the sewer line portion of the collection system. This can be achieved by calling the Missouri Dig Rite system (811 on your phone) to request a marking of the sewer and all other utilities (electric, phone, and water) before digging in the utility easement.

Missouri Dig Rite will not mark your personal sewer line - that portion that runs from your grinder pump to the connection with the main line. It is recommended that you map ALL utilities that come into your house from the road and keep this for future reference. It is amazing how many trees get planted in the middle of electric and water lines!!! If you need to discuss this or have questions, please get in touch. -- Bill Williams, 573 590 1370

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