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Residence Permitting Process | Missouri Dig Rite

Note: Callaway County now requires a permit for the installation of individual homeowners sewer and connection to the main line sewer system. This permit must be obtained before the system is installed. Call The Callaway County Health Department at 573 642 5750 and request a permit for Master Key Home Place System. This permit must be issued before a street address may be given.

Master Key Home Place Wastewater Treatment Collection Sewer Now on Missouri Dig Rite System

The Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system are the property of Master Key place Homeowners Association. The treatment plant is located in the Homeowners Park and is of a re-circulating media design. It is fed by a pressure collection sewer system which is buried in the utility easement located adjacent to the road at the front 20 feet of the homesite. As a part of our responsibility as homeowners, we need to reduce potential damage to the sewer line portion of the collection system. This can be achieved by calling the Missouri Dig Rite system (811 on your phone) to request a marking of the sewer and all other utilities (electric, phone, and water) before digging in the utility easement.

Missouri Dig Rite will not mark your personal sewer line - that portion that runs from your grinder pump to the connection with the main line. It is recommended that you map ALL utilities that come into your house from the road and keep this for future reference. It is amazing how many trees get planted in the middle of electric and water lines!!! If you need to discuss this or have questions, please get in touch. -- Bill Williams, 573 590 1370

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