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Update 2017!


Master Key Place has been in Callaway County for over 70 years continuing a tradition of land management for the land which was used for livestock and crop farming from the 1800s until the early 1930s when it was abandoned and allowed to go fallow. Due to its rolling uneven nature, the land is better suited to grass and trees. W.A. Happy and M Louise Williams purchased the place from a local bank in 1944. They began a beef cattle operation on the open land, improving it over the next 20 years. In the 1950s it was named after a Hereford bull that epitomized the cattle operation. In the 1960s the place was converted to permanent grassland, as it is today. The grassland management allowed the renewal of topsoil and forest on much of the property.

More recently, the Williams' family has moved into the development of distinctive country homesites on Route C just 1 1/2 miles south of Fulton, Missouri. The subdivision is called "The Home Place" because it was the home for the family. 

Plans are for a total of 75 homesites on the Home Place. There will be six or seven Plats created. The Estate Plats and the Vista Plats offer a choice of home features and sizes.

Update 2017 - More New Homes at Master Key

Update October 2016
House building continues!!

Master Key Place Subdivision Fish are Biting!!
There have been several reports of fun in the subdivision ponds, so I decided to check this out. It seems that the good work done by the fish committee chairman, Carl Uptergrove, has paid off. At least one young sprout has caught a nice largemouth bass, and other reports of bluegill and channel catfish catches have been reported. So, I asked for a picture. I tried it myself, and it was fun - fishing is as good as it was when I was a kid!

Update 08/27/13
The latest new homes are shown here. Things are back to being busy!

Update 03/12
The year 2012 is off to a good start! We are building a model home on the Vista Plat 4 which will be certified as an Energy Star house and will have many luxury features including large lot with fantastic view of subdivision pond, full walkout basement, geothermal heat pump, custom cherry cabinets, granite counter tops, hardwood floors, upgraded trim package, high efficiency wood burning fireplace, and much, much more. Live in style and save big money on utilities in this quality home.

In addition, two Vista homesites are having private fishing ponds constructed for the pleasure of those homeowners. Check this out when you get a chance.

We are moving ahead with the Forestry Stewardship program in the woods on the property, which calls for a selective timber harvest. This is being done with the assistance of a Forester and will take advantage of a program to assist loggers in working and restoring the forest in an environmentally sound manner. Trails will be extended and improved in this process.

Update 08/10
Shown below is a feature article from the August 27, 2010, Callaway Chamber Newsletter.

Callaway Chamber newsletter article and photos August 27, 2010

Update 04/10

The home shown here is being built using the Home Place Energy Star program. Tax credits, better bank terms, higher resale, and lower utility bills are expected to more than offset any increased cost of construction, according to the owner.

Update 10/09
There was a lot of fun in the subdivision pond this summer, as kids from the homes are catching and releasing the bass and catfish. An Energy Star home building program was developed and offered for new homes to be built. This program offers incentives, local sourcing, and a single source for all of the elements in building an Energy Star Home. A total of 19 homesites are sold in the first two plats, and 11 homes are built.

Update 9/08
The access road to the Plat 2, East Meadow Drive, has been paved, and two homes are built on it. Both ponds have been stocked with bass, bluegill, and catfish. The wastewater treatment plant has passed inspection by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. An operating Engineer has been retained.

Update 08/07
There are now 18 homesites sold in the two plats available, and 8 homes are in process or lived in. The wastewater treatment plant is operational, under test, and being fenced and landscaped. Three miles of walking trails have been marked. The subdivision pond and park are built, and a second private pond has been built to be shared by five homesites in Plat 2. Spring Meadow Drive has been built, and the main entrance has been paved and accepted as a County Road. North Meadow Drive is paved.

Update 6/06
Plat 1 now has three houses under construction! There are stakes in other homesites, and more plans are being developed. The water main, underground electrical service, and underground telephone service have been installed. Street lights are installed, and really set off the main entrance and North Meadow Lane. More landscaping has been installed and grass planted in landscaped areas. We are looking forward to getting the permit to build the sewer plant and sewer system and hope to do so in the near future. At that time, contracts to build the plant, lines, subdivision pond, and access road to plat two will be let. We are pleased with the progress to date.

Update 12/05
The project made a great deal of progress in 2005. We built and paved an access road and petitioned it to the county, landscaped the entry area, including signage and welcome fence, created an exclusive bus stop/pergola at the road junction, built the subdivision road to service the First Plat of 12 homesites, designed and gained first stage approval for the central sewage plant, made homesites available for sale, and closed business. We invite you to get in touch with us to see your next homesite!!

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We at The Places at Master Key are excited about the features and amenities planned for the Home Place homesites. The Home Place homesites exude timeless beauty, featuring rolling land in fingers that run back into hardwood forest, providing natural privacy. The contour of the land will offer great views to and from your distinctive country home, making the entry lanes and drives interesting, scenic, and fun.

However, in order to make the community even more livable to homeowners, a number of amenities are planned. The amenities will be developed over a period of time and will be implemented carefully and professionally. Our challenge will be to provide features that will be attractive and useful while maintaining excellent value for the Home Place homesite buyer.

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The Places at Master Key are pleased to offer The Home Place with a number of amenities that will make living there more pleasant, fun, and profitable. The land that the homesites are located on is gently rolling, scenic, and located near Fulton and the nice environment found in this small, historic town. Most of the homesites afford the option of building with a walk out lower level, and border on land that is wooded, and owned by Master Key.

Pergola at road junction...The entry area is landscaped, paved, and attractive, leading to a pergola at the road junction. The entry road is owned and maintained by the County, which allows school buses to make exclusive stops in the subdivision.

All roads other than the main road are owned and maintained by the homeowners association, and are paved.

Utilities are provided to the front of the lot, and include water, electricity, telephone, water, and central sewage. All roads are fitted with lighting to improve the ambience.

Common ground for the enjoyment of the homeowners include a 10 acre park, play area, pond, and nearly wooded trails.

Subdivision Lake

When we began planning Master Key Place, our vision included the following "wish list." We are happy to now be able to state that most of these items have been completed!

  • The main entryway, Home Place Lane, will connect with State Highway C in a location that meets State Of Missouri location and line of sight requirements, which will offer more convenient access to State Highway C.
  • Home Place Lane will feature distinctive signage and fence that will act as a welcome area to the Home Place homesites.
  • Home Place Lane will take advantage of naturally occurring slope and a waterway for a scenic, pleasurable drive into the Home Place homesites.
  • Home Place Lane will be built to Callaway County Road specification and will be asphalt paved before being petitioned to Callaway County, which would then be responsible for its year-round upkeep and maintenance. All other subdivision roads will be paved with asphalt.
  • On Home Place Lane, trees, shrubs, and landscaping will enhance the nearby naturally occurring waterway and its banks in such a fashion that beauty, shade, and natural vegetation will be present. We intend to use native trees and shrubs indigenous to Missouri for landscaping.
  • On Home Place Lane, a school bus stop with shelter will be provided to allow the school bus to safely and conveniently pick up children for school.
  • A pond with a recreation area and walking trails is the vision of the Master Key Home Place homesites. When constructed, this amenity will be deeded to and managed by the homeowners association.
  • The existing home and grounds on the Home Place will be restored to serve as a meeting place for homeowners and will have a fitness facility to be leased to the homeowners association.
  • A large tract of wooded land is reserved for use as walking trails and park area. When constructed, this amenity will be leased to the homeowners association for the homeowners enjoyment.
  • A second tract of wooded land is ideal for a short golf course (par 3 or pitch and putt), and may be developed for such purpose if homeowners express an interest.
  • A third tract of wooded land is suitable for motorized rough terrain activities, and may be developed for such purpose, if homeowners express an interest.
  • Utilities for each Home Place homesite will be located underground, with municipal water, central sewage, electricity, and telephone service at the lot front easement.
  • The Home Place at Master Key subdivision will have a homeowners association with covenants that will enhance the value to all homeowners and add to this distinctive community.


Subdivision Forest/Trees Sewage Plant
Playground Subdivision Forest/Trees Wastewater Treatment Plant

Although the aforementioned plans are believed to be reasonable and achievable, factors beyond the control of the owner, agents, and representatives, including but not limited to market conditions, changing regulations, other options which arise, or other unforeseen factors may make their implementation impossible. The foregoing is not a statement of warranty, or guarantee in any way of the aforementioned plans.

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